Various designations of origin exist in the region with completely different characteristics. Muscatel from Setúbal has fans all around the world as a full-bodied and fortified wine. Bucelas still produces whites which were once appreciated by the English royal court, while Colares and Carcavelos have very small but historically very interesting production.

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Find out more about the place where Lisbon’s sweetest wine is made. Setúbal muscatel is a national institution which is as well regarded within the country as outside.


Discover Lisbon’s most exciting wine region. With internationally award-winning vintages and several innovative wineries, the wines from Palmela are an excellent surprise.


A wine from Lisbon like you’ve never tried before, with all the character of its unique and special provenance. Colares wine merits a visit to the land which produces it.


Try one of the rarest wines in Portugal, which is perfect as a finishing touch to a special meal or for enjoying when visiting this part of Lisbon.


This is one of the world’s oldest wines. Made using Arinto grapes, it has a unique fragrance that is similar to German Riesling and is perfect chilled on a hot afternoon.


Lisbon’s traditional drink warms body and soul, day and night. It’s worth stopping by the various tasquinhas to choose your own.