Azeitão Cheese

Try this unique speciality from the Lisbon region. A cheese with a rich smell and flavour that is perfect as a starter before tasty Portuguese dishes.

Pastel de Nata

The "pastel de nata" is Lisbon’s best-known cake and best served hot, with powdered cinnamon and, preferably, in pairs. Try it in the city’s cafés and patisseries.

Convent-Style Desserts

Discover the secrets and flavours of Portugal’s typical conventual pastry, the famous Portuguese "doçaria conventual". Note down what you should try in every part of the Lisbon region.

Travesseiros de Sintra

'Travesseiros' literally means pillows. But they're even more comforting.

Torta de Azeitão

Torta de Azeitão is a traditional cake from Azeitão, Setúbal.

Christmas Cakes

They're so many cakes that appear around Christmas time, that you will want Christmas to come faster.