This cemetery is known as the Prazeres Cemetery. Due to its proximity to aristocratic residential neighborhoods, it became a cemetery for the elite and is now a true open-air museum, renowned for its romantic architecture.

As you wander through its paths, you can encounter the largest private mausoleum in Europe, for the Duques de Palmela, built in 1847, where servants, family members, friends, and, of course, the dukes rest. Additionally, you will come across notable figures such as poets Fernando Pessoa and Mário Cesariny, or actors Vasco Santana and Raúl Solnado. At one time, even Amália Rodrigues and Aquilino Ribeiro rested here before being transferred to the National Pantheon.

Apart from these famous personalities, the cemetery also houses the former rooms where the first autopsies outside the Institute of Legal Medicine were performed. It has a collection and a Museological Nucleus displaying cult objects, crucifixes, ceramic pieces, and more. It offers a genuine journey through time within a cemetery.