Feira da Ladra is believed to have started around the 13th century at Chão da Feira near the Castle. However, over the years, it has changed locations several times, from Rossio to Campo de Santana to Praça da Alegria.

There are various theories to explain its name: one suggests that it's because many items sold there were stolen (“ladra” means “female thief”). Another speculates that it's named after the lice found on old items, which are called "ladro" in Portuguese. Some also say it may have originated from the name of medieval Parisian fairs, "Saint-Ladre," with roots in Saint-Lazare. There's even a hypothesis that "ladra" may come from "lada," which in old Portuguese meant "riverbank," where some fairs might have taken place.

Whatever the true explanation, Feira da Ladra continues to attract Lisbon residents and energize the city! It's worth getting to know.