Have you ever heard a Lisbon native using the famous expression "résvés Campo de Ourique"? It's quite possible that you have, and there are many reasons to explain its existence. "Résvés" means "by a little, by a hair's breadth." Some say that this expression is connected to the location of the parish, but there are also those who argue that it's related to the 1755 earthquake!
In 19th-century Lisbon, the circumvallation road that marked the city's boundaries passed through Campo de Ourique parish via Maria Pia street, leaving the parish right at the edge of Lisbon, that is, "résvés." Furthermore, in 1755, after the major earthquake that devastated the city, a tidal wave followed that narrowly missed Campo de Ourique!
But there's another explanation: the author Orlando Neves, in the work "Dicionário de Expressões Correntes," suggests that the expression might be related to the lake of blood that lay in Ourique after the famous battle of D. Afonso Henriques against the Moors.

Which one is the true explanation?