However, in the past, it was more than just a hospital; it began as a Benedictine convent founded in 1572, dedicated to Our Lady of the Star. Later, with the establishment of another convent very close by, the Convent of São Bento da Saúde, it transformed into a school and a place of study for novices.

Like many buildings in Lisbon, this convent was severely affected by the 1755 earthquake, after which it was restored and converted into a military hospital for British auxiliary troops. In 1926, it received the designation of Main Military Hospital. However, its historical significance faded over time.

In 2009, a project was initiated to create a Unified Armed Forces Hospital. However, the Estrela Military Hospital ended up closing its doors in 2013, with an uncertain future. Finally, the hospital reopened as a cultural space, named the "House of Neverless," promising a variety of events, workshops, and training programs.