However, in 1885, the tailor António de Almeida Cardoso decided to transform it into what it is today: a flag house, the first of its kind in Lisbon, and that's why it was named "A Primeira Casa das Bandeiras" (The First House of Flags).

A business that thrived. And what a great joy it must have brought to its founder, a fervent republican, when the first flags of the Republic were produced there in 1910 - the year the monarchy ended in Portugal. From then on, they manufactured flags for Municipal Councils, sports associations, charitable institutions, and private clients.

The craftsmanship in this house is meticulous. It all begins with exhaustive historical research on the flag, and only then do they move on to the workshop, where the design, cutting, and assembly take place before the elements of the flag are embroidered.

With so many years of history, the Primeira Casa das Bandeiras is a symbol of the city's traditional commerce. Although today they also produce embroidered emblems, pins, and stamps, they remain faithful to their mission: creating flags.