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Surfing in Lisbon

Whereas Lisbon is enchanting for its relationship with the river, the surrounding region impresses for the constant presence of the sea.

Being able to spend the morning in a museum and the afternoon catching perfect waves just a few miles from the centre of the city is a unique privilege.

From surfing schools to sailing, canoeing and rowing clubs, Lisbon and its outskirts provide marinas and perfect beaches for water sports. With west- and south-facing coasts, you’ll find great waves for surfing under any weather conditions.

And at Ericeira, the world’s first surfing park, you can show off your skills and develop in a place with some of the best conditions anywhere for the sport.

But if you prefer being in the water but without getting wet, you can hire any kind of boat at Lisbon and Cascais marinas to explore the magnificent coasts in the region.

Surf Spots

Catch the best waves in any of the great beaches in our region

World Surfing Reserve

The first World Surfing Reserve in Europe, Ericeira stretches 4 km (2.5 miles) and consists of seven separate surf spots, including popular breaks such as Ribeira d’Ilhas and Coxos.

Ericeira was recognized for its high density of surf breaks, wave quality, and unique environment.

Surf Spots

There are a variety of waves on offer too, from beach breaks, point breaks to reef breaks.


If you want to go surfing closer to Lisboa, then the beaches of Costa da Caparica and Cascais are perfect for you.


In Cascais try Praia de Carcavelos or Guincho, and in Costa da Caparica you have 15 km of great waves to ride.

Beaches of Costa da Caparica

Visit Lisbon’s most popular beaches, whether in summer or winter, and you’ll find places to suit every taste and temperament along this sun and sand-filled coast.

Beaches of Cascais

Take a trip to the beaches heading west out of Lisbon, along the Linha, for a swim and some sun whenever Lisbon gets too hot for sightseeing.