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Feira da Ladra (Flea Market)

From 01 Jan, 2020 to 31 Dec, 2020

[ Tuesday and Saturday ] Discover treasures at Lisbon’s most iconic market, the Feira da Ladra, or flea market, where there’s always something original, kitsch or vintage to be found.

Festas do Mar - Cascais'20

From 01 Aug, 2020 to 31 Aug, 2020

[ August ] The natural amphitheatre of Cascais Bay is a perfect setting for the Festas do Mar.

Feira da Luz

From 29 Aug, 2020 to 27 Sep, 2020

Linked to the traditional pilgrimage that was held annually in September at the Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Luz. Currently, the Fair of Light is organized by the Junta de Freguesia de Carnide.

European Heritage Days'20

September 2020 (date to be confirmed)

[ September'20 ] The Heritage Days are an opportunity to re-familiarise ourselves with the past and to help shape the future.

Amadora International Comic Festival'20

From 01 Oct, 2020 to 30 Oct, 2020

[ October'20 ] For aficionados of comics, the Amadora International Festival offers an opportunity to mingle with authors and other professionals from all over the world.

Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival'20

From 01 Nov, 2020 to 30 Nov, 2020

[ November'20 ] Great artists, filmmakers, actors, writers and intellectuals meet once again for the Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival.

Carnaval de Loures'21

From 13 Feb, 2021 to 17 Feb, 2021
From €3 to €3

[ 13-02-21 | 17-02-21 ] The biggest event in town takes to the streets for another great year of carnival. As tradition dictates, the festivities will commence with the Ball and Coronation of Kings.

Carnaval de Sesimbra'21

From 16 Feb, 2021 to 17 Feb, 2021

[ 13-02-18 | 13-02-18 ] Dance, competitions and Samba... and plenty of high jinks are the explosive ingredients for this huge carnival party.

Dia Internacional dos Monumentos e Sítios'21

18 Apr, 2021

[ 18-04-21 ] “Heritage for Generations” is the 2018 theme for International Day for Monuments and Sites.

Arraial de Santo António de Alvalade'21

June 2021 (date to be confirmed)

A party suitable for families, fado, pop music and a night of humour.

Lisbon Festivities'21

From 01 Jun, 2021 to 30 Jun, 2021

[ June ] In June, the month of its Patron Saints, Lisboa is celebrating in a festive atmosphere: music, dance and much more.

Arraiais Populares - Lisboa on the Street'21

From 01 Jun, 2021 to 30 Jun, 2021

In June the city’s neighbourhoods are invaded with the aroma of grilled sardines, peppers and manjerico that is so typical of the Santos Populares celebrations.

Arraiais no Lumiar'21

June 2021 (date to be confirmed)

The Lumiar Parish Council is joining the party, with fairs for the whole community.

Arraial Vila Berta'21

June 2021 (date to be confirmed)

An 'Arraial' that is already an assiduous presence in the Lisbon Festivities.

Weddings of Saint Anthony

12 Jun, 2021

[ 12-06-21 ] The celebration of love also has a place in the Lisboa festivities, through the weddings of Saint Anthony, tradition dating from 1958.

Estoril Crafts Fair

July 2021 (date to be confirmed)

About three hundred artisans from all regions of the country will bring to Estoril techniques and ancient traditions of folk arts in Portugal.

Sumol Summer Fest'21

From 02 Jul, 2021 to 03 Jul, 2021

[ July'21 ] Music. Surf. Beach. Friends

EDP CoolJazz'21

From 21 Jul, 2021 to 31 Jul, 2021
From €25 to €50

[ July'21 ] Fado, jazz, indie, folk, funky and soul are some of the many sounds that music fans can listen to at EDP Cool Jazz Fest

Festas do Mar - Cascais '21

From 01 Aug, 2021 to 31 Aug, 2021

[ August ] The natural amphitheatre of Cascais Bay is a perfect setting for the Festas do Mar.

O Sol da Caparica

From 12 Aug, 2021 to 15 Aug, 2021

[ 12-08-21 | 15-08-21 ] The Parque Urbano da Costa Caparica once again plays host to the biggest Lusophone music festival.