Beaches of Arrábida and Sesimbra

Discover the most idyllic beaches in the Lisbon region, protected by the hills and blessed by a sea of tranquil water ideal for swimming.

If you want to find the best beaches in Lisbon, head south to Arrábida, pass through Setúbal and forget the ferry to Tróia. As you drive towards the popular Albarquel and Figueirinha beaches, don’t stop. It’s the beaches in the coves formed by the serra, stretches of golden sand between the transparent blue of the sea and the lush green of the hills, that you’re after. Memorise the names: Galapinhos, Galápos, Coelhos and Creiro. Park the car and follow those leading the way. Believes us, it’s worth it. A little further on, you’ll see Portinho da Arrábida, one of the prettiest beaches in Portugal. On the Sesimbra side, Lagoa de Albufeira is perfect for wind and kite surfing. At Meco, there are nudist beaches and a cosmopolitan atmosphere; while at Sesimbra the mood is more family oriented.

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