Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Saúde

Discover the special chapel of Nossa Senhora da Saúde. With a troubled history and impressive artefacts, this chapel is worth getting to know.

It seems so strange to imagine that the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Saúde once lay outside the gates of the city. In the middle of the historic quarter of Mouraria, this place of worship and prayer has its roots in the chapel of São Sebastião, built in 1506. St. Sebastian was considered a healer of the plague at a time when the number of victims was multiplying by the hundreds and thousands. A larger church was therefore built and an appeal made to Our Lady of Good Health to prevent the advance of an outbreak of the plague. In 1662, the chapel was given its definitive name and the image on the main altar changed to that of Our Lady. With a high altar in carved Rococo woodwork and a Baroque facade, this chapel is unique in Lisbon.

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