Church of Nª Srª da Conceição da Lapa

A simple church in a different part of the city whose images of worship are particularly cherished due to the magnificent Baroque altar.

If you’re seeking a simple and beautiful representation of faith, visit the church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição da Lapa in Amadora. This small chapel, which was the main parish church for the area until it was later replaced, was built in 1759 in the Ermida da Lapa. Also well known as the chapel of Falagueira, or even chapel of Porcalhota, this church was opened to the faithful in 1760 and until the present day has had a magnificent Baroque altar in its high chapel. With images of veneration of Our Lady of Conception, St. Anthony and St. Sebastian, it’s a chapel that’s well worth a visit for its particular simplicity.

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