Lisbon’s Azulejos

Learn more about Portuguese tile-making, an art form rich in history. From antique panels to more modern work, every neighbourhood of Lisbon is replete with it.

Explore this Lisbon's relevant art form, the perfect backdrop for Portuguese tile-making where the eras, styles and resistance to the passing of time are clearly visible.

The azulejos of Lisbon, after surviving so many catastrophes, continue to dot the city in works of art that are unique anywhere in the world.

Although you can’t see them all, since many are hidden in private houses, the city has many stunning facades.

Discover all about their history at the Museu do Azulejo and wander the streets of Alfama, Mouraria and Chiado in search of unforgettable examples.

Also discover more modern samples near the Águas Livres Aqueduct by Abel Manta and in Avenida Infante Santo by Maria Keil, emphasising the monumental and modern, the baroque and art nouveau, in a journey through the history of the city.

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