Mother Church of Loures

With an impressive church and pleasant centre, come and discover the historic side of Loures, a place seldom associated with religious buildings.

Come and discover Loures, in the less explored suburbs of Lisbon. You’ll find here the land given by King Afonso Henriques to the Knights Templar who accompanied him during the Christian reconquest. And on the site of the small 13th-century Templars’ chapel arose a 16th-century church whose various alterations in the 17th and 18th centuries introduced a profusion of styles and details. The doors are inspired by Serlian architecture, while the chancel inside is Manueline and the altarpiece in the high chapel Baroque. The building as a whole is impressive, with its three naves and vaulted ceiling, while the Tuscan columns are decorated with brutesco dating from 1670. Come and admire the historic side of a part of the Lisbon regions seldom visited by tourists.

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