Município de Mafra

The monumentality of its Palace, its natural heritage, including the World Surfing Reserve waves, the unforgettable traditions and gastronomy – Mafra has so much to offer, just 30 minutes away from Lisbon.

When we speak of Mafra, we cannot fail to mention its Palace-Convent. Its famous library, its imposing carillons and its six organs – the only set in the world designed to be played together – have guaranteed this monument a place among the most emblematic of the country. The natural beauty of the Tapada Nacional de Mafra, the National Hunting Grounds, and the exceptional beaches of Ericeira are features that cannot by missed. In addition to the already renowned success as a beach destination, Ericeira’s exceptional waves led to its recognition as a World Surfing Reserve, the first in Europe and second in the world. All this, combined with an amazing gastronomy, and a diversity of traditions and customs that were not lost despite its proximity to Lisbon, Mafra is a unique destination ... not to be missed!

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