Yacht Ocean Club

YACHT OCEAN CLUB® is a certified maritime-tourist company with an innovative and disruptive approach, which will provide its customers several experiences.

YACHT OCEAN CLUB® being welcomed by a crew with skills in what is best in the hospitality industry, quality and satisfaction is what everyone will remember at the end of the day.

On the line that divides the Atlantic from the Sado estuary, is – framed by the Arrábida natural park and the Troia peninsula – one of the most beautiful bays in the world, the bay of Setúbal.

Known for the transparency of its waters and also for the resident population of bottlenose dolphins, it is an idyllic place to make the most of leisure boating and discover deserted beaches.

YACHT OCEAN CLUB® suggests half-day or full-day tours, departing and returning to the Troia Marina.

In any case, we are available for on request, designing other possibilities and itineraries that can meet our customers’ wishes.


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