Lisbon - Cascais By Train

The best way to discover Lisbon and Cascais on the same trip is to catch the train and let your eyes soak up the views of the coast and the sea.

Catching the train that travels along the coast between Lisbon and Cascais is one experience you shouldn’t miss when in Lisbon.

It is also the most practical way to reach the beaches and town of Cascais without worrying about traffic or parking. Leaving Cais do Sodré, it usually stops at the many stations leading to the area’s best-known beaches.

The view is fantastic as the route travels parallel to the river and very often right beside it and, further on, the sea. Cascais station, which is in the centre of the town, is within walking distance of the many attractions this elegant and cosmopolitan area has to offer.

The beauty of the landscape, the short journey and the convenience and safety of the form of transport make the train the ideal way to create your own love story with the line.

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