Calçada Portuguesa

Learn more about this art form that you can step on in Lisbon. Let your feet walk on – and your eyes savour – the unique patterns that can be found in the city.

Portuguese paving, calçada portuguesa, is one of Lisbon’s trademarks.

Playing a huge role in creating the city’s special atmosphere, as it reflects all of the light that falls on it, it is also one of the oldest features of the city.

Made using limestone cubes shaped and placed by hand by skilful craftsmen, the designs can be geometric, figurative or specific depending on the particular location and the tastes of the time.

Enjoy the undulating pattern in Avenida da Liberdade or stand back and observe the symmetry of the design in Chiado.

It’s worth walking down the same street twice, once to look at the buildings and another to discover the impressive designs on the ground.

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