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Lisbon knows how to celebrate. Whether it’s a saint, a traditional food or its love for art. Join this all year festive spirit, embrace the region culture in the typical festivities and cheer for your favorite athletes in internationally renowned sports competitions. or listen to famous musicians in festivals that attract people from all over the world.

Upcoming Events


Lisbon Festivities'17

In June, the month of its Patron Saints, Lisboa is celebrating in a festive atmosphere: music, dance and much more.


Peter Grimes

The music revolves around a tormented relation between the fisherman Grimes and his community and tragedy erupts when he is questioned about the death of one of his apprentices.

Muro | Urban Art Festival LX'17

Muro | Urban Art Festival LX'17

Considered to be one of the most significant European cities for its graffiti and street art, Lisboa is to host another edition of Muro | Festival de Arte Urbana LX.


José de Almada Negreiros: A way to be modern

It brings together original works and studies that demonstrate the different facets of the process involved in his artistic works.

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