Bairro em Festa

At Intendente, Anjos, Pena, Arroios Bairro em Festa is an event with a diverse programme and which gives voice to intercultural tradition.

Bairro em Festa 2021
Intendente, Anjos, Pena, Arroios

In different places in the neighborhood, we created spaces, more or less improvised, for the programming that a collective of around 25 local entities offer to the community, with concerts, shows, workshops for families, exhibitions, installations, debates, cinema and an art fair at the Festival's Meeting Point: GNR Headquarters, in Largo do Cabeço de Bola.

On the opposite side of the GNR Headquarters (Jacinta Marto) is the main stage that, in the edition of 2021, has four concerts: in the opening:

1 July (Thursday) - Surma;
• 2 July. (Friday) - Maze + Francesco Valente;
• 3 July (Saturday) - “Noche de Ronda”, a concert of songs in which Salvador Sobral is accompanied by Diogo Picão, Olmo Marín, Diogo Duque and Francesco Valente;
4 July (Sunday) - Cacique 97, at the end of the festival.

The neighborhood parties are always a moment of collective pulse. The neighbourhood's heart that has always illustrated this festival representing identity, diversity, inclusion, dialogue and participation through Culture and its relationship with the territory.

BAIRRO EM FESTA is a cultural initiative co-promoted by LARGO Residências, Lisbon City Council, EGEAC and Arroios Parish Council, in partnership with the Local Network of Socio-Cultural Partners around the Almirante Reis Axis (Intendente, Pena, Anjos and Arroios).

Bairro em Festa 2021
28 June to 4 July
free admission (subject to capacity)
Free entry, with limited capacity, subject to prior reservation through
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