Montepio Às vezes o Amor

The festival that celebrates love and Valentine’s Day is back with concerts in various cultural venues.

This year’s edition of Montepio Às vezes o Amor features a special concert by Rui Veloso in Lisboa, prepared in detail for the festival and emphasising his most romantic songs.

In Sintra, David Fonseca takes to the stage to fill the audience’s hearts and in Setúbal love will be in the air to the rhythm of The Gift.

The artists are challenged to create shows and conceive their musical programmes around the theme of the festival in order to celebrate life and affection.


From 14th to 17th February • 21:00 • 9 pm
• Sagres Campo Pequeno, (metro) Campo Pequeno
• Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval (comboio)  line Sintra, station Sintra (bus) 1241, 1247, 1254, 1624
• Fórum Luísa Todi (comboio)  line Setúbal, station Setúbal | (bus) 4404

Tickets: depending on the show


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  • Olga Cadaval Cultural CentreFórum Municipal Luísa TodiCampo Pequeno
  • From 14 Feb, 2024 to 17 Feb, 2024