I was born in Lisbon, the "crop" of 83 and I believe that this is a city that has it all. I see it as a magical city, fascinating to anyone, as friendly to foreign students on Erasmus, as to the people who have lived here all their lives. I am captivated by the fusion of sensations that live here; and how the calmness of the river overlaps the urban stress. As a man of the sea, what fascinates me in Lisbon is the ease with which I can be in a meeting at one moment; and the next hour I am already kitesurfing on a beach at Costa da Caparica or Guincho. I am deeply in love with the river Tagus, where I learned to sail when I was 10; and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to luff, to dock and to come about, in various types of sailing boats. Above all, whether in the day or at night, I think you can only truly enjoy the landscape of Lisbon from aboard a sailboat. Preferably, navigate with the help of a pleasant breeze, hearing the bow cutting through the water, while drinking a fine Portuguese wine in good company. Lisbon is my home at the beach, to where after much traveling, I always return.