I believe that knowing other people and cultures; by establishing similarities and differences between the Portuguese way of looking at the world and the visions of other cultures, has been a fundamental ingredient for my creations. Still, despite the fascination I feel when visiting some cities, it would be difficult to exchange Lisbon for any other. The proximity of the river and its estuary, as well as the magnificent view from the Castle of São Jorge, are reasons enough to claim Lisbon as one of my favorite cities.

But it is in Belém that I find the supreme uniqueness of Lisbon. There I highlight one of the richest and most interesting architectural collections in the world. I look back and consider the age of discovery as a source of pride and motivation, but also as an area for deeper investigation. In my intervention "The Jewel of the Tagus", I had the privilege to create a necklace on the scale of the Belém Tower, inspired by national baroque jewelery, but using nautical objects, to reflect the current national identity. It is this dialogue and confrontation that interests me, especially in a place with such an admirable riverside atmosphere and an unique urban and cultural combination as exists in Belém.