Sun and Sea

In a city where the sun can shine 290 days per year, it is no surprise that there are so many beaches, swimming pools and parks to visit.

From the urban beaches along the Cascais shore to the multicultural ones in Costa da Caparica, remote and crystal-clear beaches of Arrábida, and mysterious sands of Sintra, there is no lack of seaside areas to enjoy all the health benefits of the sun and sea.

But if sand is not your thing, check out the best public and private pools for a cooling dip when it gets really hot.


Beaches of Cascais

Take a trip to the beaches heading west out of Lisbon, along the Linha, for a swim and some sun whenever Lisbon gets too hot for sightseeing.

Beaches of Ericeira

Head over to the World Surfing Reserve half an hour from Lisbon. You’ll find pretty beaches and a quaint fishing town called Ericeira, whose soul was forged by the sea.

Beaches of Costa da Caparica

Visit Lisbon’s most popular beaches, whether in summer or winter, and you’ll find places to suit every taste and temperament along this sun and sand-filled coast.

Beaches of Arrábida and Sesimbra

Discover the most idyllic beaches in the Lisbon region, protected by the hills and blessed by a sea of tranquil water ideal for swimming.

Beaches of Sintra

Explore the most beautiful Atlantic beaches in the region, where you’re as likely to spend the day in beach shorts in the sun as a fleece in the café.

Oeiras Ocean Pool

Find all the benefits of the beach, without the sand, near Lisbon. Have a swim with all the taste of the sea, but none of the inconvenience.

How to get there

Get there by Car

Every beach has a parking space for your car. Just be aware that some beaches get more crowed than others and you might have to plan your trip before you go there. 

Get there by Public Transports

If you don't have a car, you can still go by public transports.

Cascais, Oeiras, and Sintra it's easy to reach by train :

Costa da Caparica you can go by bus:

Ericeira by bus:

Arrábida and Sesimbra you need to catch a bus either to Sesimbra or Setúbal, and catch another bus closer to the beaches: