Lisbon’s Streetlamps

Lisbon is famous for its unique light. But the lights and streetlamps that illuminate the city at night are also special.

Discover a Lisbon secret that’s plain to see: its streetlamps.

Whether the old style, made of iron and attached to the walls, or the more modern style, on the end of a post, these streetlamps tell the history of public lighting in the city.

The olive oil lamps introduced during the reign of Queen Maria I were replaced by gas lamps and the first electric bulbs in 1878.

Their construction, made of forged and cast iron and concrete, is representative of the Romantic and modern styles that gradually decorated the city.

Often adorned with the symbol of Lisbon – a caravel with two ravens – they can be found in the traditional quarters and the Avenidas Novas.

Discover the unique light that illuminates Lisbon – as well as the special way it is replaced when night falls.

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