Museum of Lisbon - Santo António

Take a break as you climb up to the castle to discover a church devoted to the most popular saint in Lisbon. It was built on the site of his place of birth.

When visiting Lisbon, it is easy to forget the small and elegant Baroque church of Santo António after glimpsing the solemn and impressive cathedral in the neighbourhood.

But this church, built in 1767, was erected on the site where King João II had already built a chapel in the mid-15th century because it was believed to be the place of birth of Lisbon’s popular patron saint.

The image of St. Anthony survived the earthquake that destroyed almost everything else, along with the Pedro Alexandrino paintings in the nave of the church and the underground corridor lined with azulejo tiles.

You can visit and learn more about the history of St. Anthony at the Museu Antoniano next door.

After all, the patron saint of lovers celebrated today had an eventful life you won’t learn of in the streets.

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