Prazeres Cemetery and Museum

Cemeteries can be museums, chiefly when their occupants are interested in the arts and their last resting places. At Prazeres, there are magnificent works of art to see.

If you want to see several unique works of art, in the only open-air museum in Lisbon, then the Prazeres Cemetery and its museological pieces is the place to go. At the end of the no. 28 tram line, you’ll find a place housing the largest and oldest collection of cypresses in the Iberian peninsula. This is where the most important families in Lisbon hired architects, draughtsmen, sculptors and other artists to create their mausoleums and tombs. With the graves of countless famous figures and a variety of paths to follow, you can visit by yourself or join a guided tour. This 19th-century cemetery is impressive for its size and location, with an amazing view of Lisbon, the bridge and the river. Also visit the chapel, where you can see a collection of objects dedicated to the funeral ceremony, as well as an old autopsy room. Come and discover the quietest place in Lisbon.

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