Festival Solos Ibéricos'22

The 2nd edition of this festival brings to the stage, Portuguese and Spanish artistic proposals, of several performing creators.

From 22nd October Saturdays, 9 pm; Sundays, 5 pm
Teatro Ibérico, Rua de Xabregas, 54
Buses: 210, 718, 742, 759
Tickets: 7 euros, general


The Festival Solos Ibéricos comes from the double meaning of the word soil, crossing it with the idea of Iberian creativity.

The 2nd edition of this festival brings to the stage, Portuguese and Spanish artistic proposals, of several creators.

In many performing languages, we offer suitable shows for different audiences, searching for the major diversity of an Iberism concept as a tool for artistic (re)construction.

This edition of the Festival takes place from the 22nd of October to 20th of November and has 2 spanish and 3 portuguese shows: Stand Down, from Ángel Fragua, Mecha Show You, from Cia. Jimena Cavalletti, Os qu’emigraRAM, from OITO, Samotracias, from Mákina de Cena and Trilla, from La Phármaco.


Reservations and information
The Teatro Ibérico ticket office opens 2 hours before the start of each show.
Tickets can also be purchased at ticketline.sapo.pt and at the usual places such as Fnac, Worten or CTT.
Tel. (+351) 927 510 092 | 218 682 531
ticket office@teatroiberico.org

* GENERAL PASS | 5 Shows - Discount of €15 (until October 23, 2022)


STAND DOWN, de Ángel Fragua
22 of October | 21:00
23 of October | 17:00
M/12 years

Stand Down, are the memories of a man. It’s the childhood memories with the present eyes and the first silences that spoke louder than the loudest words. A journey on stage between Spain and Portugal in a mix of feelings led by the actor Ángel Fragua.
Stand Down is a solo show, where the word takes on special importance and where the personal experiences of the actor crosses with the experiences of another person that’s out of the stage. Starting from two tales of Félix Albo, Secretos de Familia and Un Roble en um Cementerio, Ángel shows us why dying for love can be the start of a story.
An Ángel Fragua creation from two Félix Albo tales.

Staging: Mara Correia
Photography and poster: Lino Silva
Poster design: Paulo Araújo
Production: Inquieta – Produção e Comunicação Cultural


MECHA SHOW YOU, de Cia. Jimena Cavalletti
29 of october | 21:00
30 of october | 17:00
M/12 years

In this television program, Mecha is here to help you. This cheerful, extreme and tender woman is a diva from different times that surround herself with her loyal sidekicks: a drum kit, a phone and success. Mecha is willing to give her life for the universal joy.
Mecha show you, full of humor and foolishness, talks about success and the failure, about the weight of searching constant approval in our lives. As if being successful is the only condition we can share with others. However, all the pressure can light up the fuse e make Mecha explode!

Artistic Direction: Gorka Ganso and Carolin Obin
Creation and interpretation: Jimena Cavalletti
Technic Direction: Laia Sales
Scenography: Alberto Vidal and Woodyloop
Musical composition: Daniel Maldonado Sam
Costumes: Laia Gimeno
Aesthetic production and photographic: Nerea Coll
Graphic design: Shakti Olaizola
Video: Zigor Ayarza Martin
Assistance: Claudia Zucheratto; Ignacio Repetto; Haydee Bañales; Mar Marcos; Elena Donzel and Beatriz Sánchez
Production: Cia. Jimena Cavalletti


OS QU’EMIGRARAM, de OITO – Oficina de Ideias das Terras do Oeste
5 of november | 21:00
6 of november | 17:00
M/6 years

What defines your home?
Starting from a collection of testimonies with those who kept staring at the sea, we propose a journey through the intimacy of the paths of this fertile land. Say the commonplaces that those who emigrated took with them all the illusions, left their lives suspended, empty bedrooms full of memories, accommodated affections to the shape of their luggage, draw wrinkles on the faces of those who stayed and those who went way, running from the path of reasons to return. What territory is built when your entire identity is in traffic? What territory is this, the dream for those who choose it, but without illusions for… those who emigrated.

Idea, artistic direction and production: Ricardo Brito
Co-creation and interpretation: João Paiva; José Gregório Rojas and Sara Cíntia
Scenography: Fátima Spínola
Costumes: Cristiana Nunes
Musical composition: Márcio Faria
Light design and sound design: Ricardo Brito
Graphic Design: Sérgio Brito
Support: Juliana Andrade


SAMOTRACIAS, de Mákina de Cena
12 of november | 21:00
13 of november | 17:00
M/16 years

Samotracias is the scream of three women who embody the face and the voice an anonymous choir of migrants. Three women with different ages and destinations that hold themselves to the dream of emigrating. The youngest one, ambitious, seeking to get rich abroad. A widow mother who wants to run from the new forced marriage. And the eldest, who has spent her life serving others, seeks a different end to her days. Three women who want the same: leave. Do they have that same right?
Movement is the driving force of this trilingual show (pt/fr/es) which is based on the act of migrating, in which three actresses use the text as a plastic material and not as the main vehicle of communication.
Samotracias, from the text “Les Samothraces”, from Nicole Caligaris 

Artistic Direction: Carolina Santos
Co-creation and interpretation: Carolina Santos; Letícia Blanc and UlimaOrtiz
Scenography, costumes and light design: Eduardo Jiménez Cavieres
Execution of scenery and costumes: Ana Karina Inês
Artistic Consultancy: Ricardo Correia and Alexandra Guarín
Musical Direction: Marco Martins
Light technichian: Rui Simão
Sound technician: Martim Santos
Production direction: Sandrine Crisostomo and Pedro Silva
Audiovisual Technician: Ramon Schneider
Video and photography: João Catarino
Mediation and communication support: Patrícia Amaral
Coproduction: Mákina de Cena and Fondación Teatro Libre de Bogotá


19 of november | 21:00
20 of november | 17:00
M/16 years

Trilla is a questioning between folk and electronic, and the need to question the structures that historically dominate us. The proposal is purely intuitive, a succession of images, dances and sound passages related to lamentations, war and references from a pagan perspective. The title is one of the main keys of the play that develop the concept of work, a tribute to the current body, where the work is for capitalism such as the praying is for Christianism. The religion as production, the subjugation as a way of living, the celebration of misery in name of vitality and the power that bodies reach as they support the weight of the world.

Performer: Luz Arcas
Music and performer: Le Parody
Ligth design: Jorge Colomer
Production: La Phármaco



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