The poet who left us his soul – paintings by Natália Gromicho

The exhibition “The poet who left us his soul – presents a passion for the poet Fernando Pessoa.

The poet who left us his soul

Paintings by Natalia Gromicho
Inauguration | 3rd of September | 3pm-5pm
September 3rd to October 7th |


Atelier Natália Gromicho presents the exhibition “The poet who left us his soul – paintings by Natália Gromicho”, with inauguration taking place on the 3rd of September at 3 pm.

Natália Gromicho's passion for the poet Fernando Pessoa is well known. This exhibition will show some of the works that the artist painted in his honor

Natália Gromicho studied painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts and at the ArCo School, in Lisbon. With 27 years of career, she has represented Portugal in several international exhibitions, collective as well as individual, in a total of more than 150 exhibitions. Her work integrates private and institutional collections around the world, with emphasis on Portugal, Australia, USA, Brazil, Italy, Russia, France, United Kingdom, East Timor, Singapore and India. Natália Gromicho paints as an “open studio”, allowing the public to observe the work in progress.The artist's work can also be seen in Lisbon (in her Atelier located in Chiado), in London (at Hay Hill Gallery, the gallery that represents her in the London and Russian market), in Shanghai at Noeli Art Gallery, in the rest of Asia by Art Collage JANG and in the USA by various galleries and art consultants in New York and Miami.

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  • Atelier Natália GromichoRua Nova da Trindade 5G Piso S/L1200-301Lisboa
  • From 03 Sep, 2022 to 07 Oct, 2022