Royal Treasure Museum. Crown Jewels

A Museum with unique items that is really worth visiting.

The permanent collection of the Museu do Tesouro Real/ Joias da Coroa (Royal Treasure Museum/Crown Jewels) displays a great number of the former assets of the Portuguese Royal Family, including artworks that belonged to the Crown, as well as several items that belonged to private collections of various members of the Portuguese Royal Family.

The Museum has eleven exhibition areas.

The visit starts with Ouro e os diamantes do Brasil (Gold and diamonds from Brazil), where raw pieces of rare metals and gems are displayed, followed by a set of Crown coins and medals.

The Jewels on display are from many different sources that belonged either to the Crown or to private collections of different members of the Portuguese Royal Family. 

The space dedicated to the Ordens Honoríficas, 4º núcleo (Orders, Decorations and Medals of Portugal, 4th exhibition area), has an unparalleled national collection, a centuries-old testament to the constantly busy international relations of the Portuguese Court.

In the section Insígnias Régias: Objetos Rituais da Monarquia (Royal Insignia: Ritual Objects of the Monarchy), some of the most symbolic and valuable Crown jewels are exhibited, such as the decorations of the Three Military Orders of Portugal – Christ, Avis and St. James – the royal crown, the sceptres and two remaining mantles that were worn by ruling monarchs throughout history.

As for engraved silver objects that were manufactured for civilian use, a set of 16th-century Portuguese silver salver trays and plates are particularly noteworthy. These items were part of the so-called Prata de Aparato da Coroa (The Crown Silverware), and will be displayed to the public for the first time, featuring a set that has been unseen since the late 18th century. 

Two Golden Roses (a gold ornament traditionally blessed by Popes of the Catholic Church every year) will be on display in the space dedicated to Ofertas Diplomáticas (Diplomatic Gifts). 

The tenth exhibition area is fully dedicated to the Baixela Germain (Germain’s Sterling Silver Serving Set), bearing the name of the famous French silversmith,  François-Thomas Germain, which was commissioned after the Lisbon Earthquake of 1755. It is the only known complete sterling silver serving set in the world. 

The visit ends with the Viagens do Tesouro Real (Travels of the Royal Treasure), which highlights the mobility of the Portuguese treasure in all its glory as well as vicissitudes. 

The Museum also has a coffee shop, a lounge and store that sells items related to the Museum’s collection.




How to get there

Buses: (Carris): 729, 732, 742
Tram: (Carris) E18



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