Belém / Ajuda

The monuments of Lisbon, which personify the age of the Discoveries and the country’s great maritime feats, can be found here. But contemporary, informed and cultured Lisbon provides it with company in this select area. So when you arrive in the city, don’t lose a minute in trying to find the most iconic architecture in the city.

When you arrive in Lisbon, you will find much more than just a city. The history is written into the buildings and streets and the epochs have left their mark on the major edifices. The famous Monastery of Jerónimos and Torre de Belém – internationally recognised as UNESCO world heritage sites – are not the only buildings you find when coming to this part of town. The Padrão dos Descobrimentos and Praça do Império complete the sensation of the grandeur of yesteryear of the Great Portuguese Empire. Walk amongst the monuments that recount the history of the Manueline style in an architectural setting that is unique anywhere in the world.

But these are not the only attractions in Belém, nor do they attempt to freeze frame Portugal at a single moment in history. You’ll also find some of the most contemporary structures that define the life and new architectural profile of the city. Grab a pair of trainers and discover Belém slowly, visiting its squares and gardens, monuments,  cafés, restaurants and discovering its own rhythm.

Add to all of these reasons for visiting Lisbon a riverside with green areas and a unique atmosphere, various marinas and sailing clubs, and a cycle lane in which the fresh air combines with the beauty of the view and you’ll find in Belém the place where you can enjoy Portuguese culture in its purest state. Provided you accompany it with one of the famous and delicious Pastéis de Belém, you’ll be on the right path to heaven. Which in this particular case is called Lisbon.

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The Centro Cultural de Belém was designed to function as an “open city” to celebrate culture, opening its intensive programme of activities to all kinds of cultural events.

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The Havana Soul is located in the Santo Amaro Dock, and here are guaranteed well-spent moments to the sound of Latin and African rhythms and and also for our dishes and cocktails.

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Fun, laughter and adventure… all wrapped up in the most unique sightseeing experience in Lisboa! Aboard our amphibious vehicle, explore the city by land and sea,

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Design and excellent location in Belém for leisure and business, close to Jerónimos Monastery, Lisbon Congress Center and Belém Cultural Center.

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The Palácio do Governador guarantees the best stay in a hotel that breathes history, refinement and luxury, in the historic centre of Belém.

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The hotel Vila Galé Ópera is located by the Tagus River, the Lisbon Congress Centre and 10 minutes from the city center.

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The York House Lisboa is located at only 10 minutes from Lisbon downtown, in Janelas Verdes Street, close to the Ancient Art National Museum.

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Izanagi SushiCafé...a place that recreates unique and tasty moments around the table in a fun, cosmopolitan and informal atmosphere.

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This charming botanical garden was the first of its kind in Lisbon. It’s completely unique and has a charming view of the city and the river.

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The Jerónimos Monastery was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.This notable 16th century work of architecture became part of Portuguese identity and culture.

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Sailing cruises with the best view of Lisbon, with both our classic boats — the Leão Holandês or the Westenwind, both dating from 1910.

The Lisbon Bike Tour is the best way to get to know Lisbon.

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Boat trips on the River Tagus ... The best way to see the city of Lisbon, its monuments and history! Fun and Culture aboard the Lisbon ByBoat!!!

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Embark on an adventure to get the best view of Lisbon with expert skippers!

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Lisbon Helicopters offers Helicopter Tours with departure from Lisbon Heliport. Unique experiences , perfect to enjoy with your family and friends , or to celebrate a special moment.

Begin with brunch and then set off to discover the unique, handmade and vintage items carefully selected to provide a unique and original experience.

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MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology is the new cultural centre for Lisbon. It’s a museum where these three areas intertwine within a space of debate, discovery, critical thinking and international dialogue.

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Important collections of Chinese art and the only historical-cultural Museum about Macau outside the People’s Republic of China.

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Maritime Museum: A World of Discoveries. A journey through one of the most fascinating aspects of the history of mankind: the maritime adventure.