Baixa, Chiado

This is where you’ll find the city’s most popular and best-known areas. The historic centre – the Baixa Pombalina, with its traditional shops and museums, and the lively streets of Chiado, with their eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional stores – are some of the city’s main places of interest.

The Baixa and Chiado neighbourhoods are a must for anyone visiting Lisbon. Besides containing countless tourist attractions, they also feature a vast number of cultural and food spots that are very popular with the locals.

Chiado, Lisbon’s perennial upmarket neighbourhood, is a place of studios, original shops, renovated spaces and marvellous pavement cafés for watching the constant coming and going of those shopping, wandering and those still trying to figure out where the river is.
Baixa, more traditional and authentic, serves up souvenir shops, famous patisseries and adventurous eateries. Take your time to discover the streets and corners and all their charms.

This Lisbon which mixes hi-tech historical information centres, contemporary museums, world-famous designer shops and excellent examples of pastéis de nata is special. This is where the locals converge; and this is where tourists find the liveliest side of the city.

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Already on the urban art itinerary, it captivates all those who see it. The mural “Fado Vadio” is a tribute to fado and one of the areas that most helped to develop it.

Take the chance to buy a book and spend the next hour in a pavement café watching the time and people pass by at the best human observatory in Lisbon: Chiado.

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The Lisbon’s Filigree Museum is the first museum exclusively dedicated to filigree manufacture in Portugal. Free entrance, guided tour and artisan demonstration.

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In one of the areas of Lisbon with most foreign communities, the Fusion Market brings the planet closer together via a journey through its typical flavours.

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Geographia pays tribute to the gastronomy that speaks Portuguese, with influences from Brazil, East-Timor, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique, São Tomé e Príncipe, Macao and Goa.

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With more than 80 years of history Garrafeira Nacional has a vast and valuable wine and spirits collection

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The GoCar able all participants to drive through the city enjoying the sights, while learning all there is to know due to a unique interactive GPS guided Tours system.

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The GOLDEN TRAM 242 is located in the historical center of the city. Where our guests can join in the comfort of discovering all the attractions of Lisbon.

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We are helloBoat Lisboa – an exceptional water taxi and water sightseeing service provider in Lisbon.

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In the center of the monumental Lisbon where the city leans over the river and thus enjoys the stunning views over it, is where the Hello Lisbon Santa Apolonia

InSuites is an Architecture Tote Ser project, that provides apartments with comfort and design for short and medium term lease.

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APARTMENTS IN THE HEART OF THE BAIXA POMBALINA DISTRICT Located right in the centre of Lisbon, Altis Prata Hotel has 22 apartments distributed over five floors and a very welcoming casual lounge on the last floor.

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Located in the center of Lisbon close to Bairro Alto and the Chiado, is a Hotel which combines luxury and charm and is regarded as part of the city’s historic heritage.

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Com uma vista magnífica sobre o Largo do Chiado, em Lisboa, O Hotel Borges oferece aos seus visitantes uma estadia em pleno centro, perto de todas as principais atracções da cidade.

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Hotel Britania is a pure Boutique Art Deco hotel in the historic center of Lisbon

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Discover a unique view of the centre of Lisbon right in Rossio square. The restaurant at the Hotel Internacional offers a special panoramic vista of the city, especially at dusk.

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Located in the heart of the historical city center, Lisboa Tejo Hotel is presented with quite a privileged position, within reach to Figueira Square and Rossio Square.

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On the “Rossio” Square, the heart of historic Lisbon, with unforgettable views over the castle and Alfama and with the best of this fascinating city at your doorstep.

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Situated in the Baixa Pombalina, with the historical St. George’s castle in the background and Rossio square just a few steps away, our hotel has the best location to explore this beautiful city

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Discover the castle, the river and the city’s rooftops with a glass in your hand. This is a pretty and lively place whose terrace has a special atmosphere.