I traveled to Africa and Europe, but I parked my red van between the Castle and Santa Catarina and I adopted this cosmopolitan city.

I was won over by the light; the colors; the history; the culture; the people; the pleasure of seeing the Tagus; and a challenging and promising future. On the hill of the Castle of São Jorge, I rebuilt a house in the former women's prison. The house that today is Chapitô: a space of culture and freedom of artistic creation open to the world.

Thirty years have passed and society has changed, become globalized, democratized, it has become multicultural. Today, the neighbors are knowing and have a warm expression. The streets have been shaken up and there does not appear to be enough time. How many tourists have visited us, delighting in the artistic circus activities at the service of education and the tenacity of the social action? How many young people have built their artistic careers here? Culture is undoubtedly a vehicle of connection between worlds. Between the world and this city.

I believe that every society has the laughter, culture and imagination it deserves. Lisbon has Chapitô.